Nephros Ice Machine Filtration

Ice machine water filtration is a critical factor in preventing health care-acquired infections in hospitals and medical centers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ice machines have been implicated in gastrointestinal, pulmonary and blood stream infections, as well as contamination of clinical specimens and medical solutions when used as a cooling agent during transport. Confirmed cases of nosocomial Legionellosis also have been reported.

The potential cost of a single ice machine-related nosocomial infection to a health care facility is astronomical. A typical health care-acquired infection can cost a hospital over $43,000 per day.

To assist health care facilities in maintaining the highest standards for disease control and keeping associated costs to a minimum, Earthwise Environmental is proud to offer a state-of-the-art ice machine filtration system in partnership with leading hospital-grade water filter manufacturer Nephros. This ice machine filter system is designed to support optimal performance of Nephros filters — specifically the DSU-H — for unsurpassed biological contaminant removal.

Why Nephros DSU-H?

The Nephros DSU-H Ultrafilter is a patented, dual-stage hollow fiber disposable commercial ice machine water filter that effectively removes bacteria, viruses and other water-borne biological contaminants. The DSU-H offers the following benefits:

  • Exceptional contaminant retention. Offering bacteria retention of > 1011 (B. diminuta), virus retention of >108 (PhiX-174), and endotoxin retention of > 105 EU/ml, the DSU-H effectively eliminates all disease-causing microorganisms from the ice machine water supply.
  • Redundant filtration. The DSU-H unit’s dual filters provide a built-in safeguard. All necessary filtration occurs in the first stage of the filter. The second stage serves as a redundant safety filter, ensuring purity of the final product even if a breach or fouling occurs in the primary filter.
  • Efficient flow. The DSU-H membrane offers water-permeability double that of membranes with comparable pore size, thus offering faster, more efficient operation without increasing filter size.
  • Long service life. Installed in-line, DSU-H ice maker water filters are designed to handle 10,000 on-off cycles, and can be expected to provide up to six months of service.
  • Easy installation. The DSU-H unit is easily installed in-line in minutes, without the need to turn off water valves before disconnecting.


ASHRAE 188 Compliant Ice Machine Filtration System

ASHRAE Standard 188 is a voluntary consensus standard for Legionella prevention that has been incorporated into many building codes. Strict compliance with ASHRAE 188 is essential to help medical facilities protect their immune-compromised patients from contracting this often-fatal water-borne illness.

Ice machines have been identified as an important Critical Control Point (CCP) in the control of Legionella and other water-borne disease. ASHRAE 188 requires facilities to implement a comprehensive risk management plan that includes monitoring of the cold water system, including ice machines. Earthwise Environmental has designed the Nephros ice machine filter system to facilitate easy compliance with ASHRAE 188 and other water purity standards for medical facilities. We are also available to assist in Legionella control for your health care facility.

Questions About Ice Machine Water Filtration?

To learn more about the Nephros ice machine water filter system, or for assistance in ensuring that your health care facility ice machines function safely and efficiently, contact us here to speak with one of our water filtration experts.