Water Quality Management

The quality of the water used in your industrial processes affects the quality of the goods and services you offer, and directly impacts your ROI. Water quality management is also critical for maintaining compliance with increasingly stringent environmental, safety and industry standards.

Earthwise Environmental has been a leader in the water treatment consulting and management industry since 1995. Our numerous partnerships with industry associations and research institutions consistently put us at the cutting edge of the industry — including evaluating new water monitoring and treatment technologies, and developing more sustainable water quality solutions for health care, manufacturing and commercial properties.

We offer comprehensive water quality management services, including:

Industrial Water Pretreatment

Removing impurities from your intake water is an essential first step to ensuring efficient heating and cooling, improving operations efficiency, and maintaining compliance with water quality standards. It can also assist in the process of reclaiming and recycling industrial water and effluent-borne materials.

We offer a number of industrial water pretreatment solutions, as well as ongoing service options.

Water Quality Consulting Services

We work with our clients to develop practical, strategic, custom solutions to water quality challenges. Our staff includes three Certified Water Technologists, recognized experts committed to providing the highest level of service in the industry. From water purity tests and water potability tests to training your staff on water management best practices, we can help you meet and exceed your cost reduction, sustainability and compliance goals.

Water Quality Monitoring

Periodic inspections and repairs are necessary, but not sufficient to achieve optimal water system efficiency and performance. It’s important to have a good water quality monitoring system in place that includes water analysis tests and other solutions.

Your water monitoring system will help you consistently:

  • Meet water quality compliance mandates
  • Reduce costly water waste
  • Extend equipment life
  • Maintain or improve product quality
  • Meet supply chain sustainability requirements
  • Reduce hazardous chemical use
  • Save energy
  • Reduce product loss
  • Prevent unscheduled downtime
  • Maintain a safe, healthy workplace for employees


Starting with a thorough assessment of your facility and goals, we will work with you to design the ideal water quality monitoring system to maximize your ROI. For many companies, this can include installing a 24/7 plant monitoring system that automates the entire water monitoring process. Such a system eliminates human error and provides real-time information about the status of your plant, so you can diagnose and correct issues immediately before they escalate into major problems.

Water Quality Issues? We’re Here to Help

Looking for more information about managing water quality for your industrial, commercial or health care facility? Contact us here, or call us directly at 855-868-8809. Our water quality analysis experts will be happy to help.