Healthcare Water Treatment

Nearly every process in your healthcare facility demands high quality water. From maintaining proper hygienic standards to processing specimens to heating and cooling your hospital or clinic, each application has its unique water quality needs. Earthwise can help you meet these needs with hospital water treatment solutions designed to reduce cost, meet compliance standards, and ensure a high level of safety for the patients, staff and visitors of your facility.


  • Hospital HVAC water treatment — Comfort heating, cooling and humidification are major expenses for hospitals. Upwards of 50% of the energy and water expenses for a hospital can be spent in these areas alone. We have worked with many healthcare facilities to provide water pretreatment solutions that reduce boiler and tower blowdown, water consumption and energy consumption to keep hospital utility bills under control and reduce environmental impact.
  • Domestic Water Secondary Disinfection  - Large potable water systems such as in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities often require supplemental disinfection beyond that which is provided by the municipality as it enters the building. The Earthwise team of Water Hygiene experts help your infection control and facilities teams to design and implement secondary disinfection customized to fit your facility and budget while emphasizing patient health and safety.
  • Chlorine dosing is a proven method of controlling microbiological growth

    Chlorine dosing is a proven method of controlling microbiological growth

  • Water Management Programs — Healthcare patients are often individuals at the highest risk for contracting Legionella and other water-borne pathogens. In fact, 34 percent of Legionella outbreaks reported in 2000-2014 were associated with hospitals and long-term care facilities. For this reason, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has mandated water management programs for Medicare-certified facilities. Earthwise Environmental offers comprehensive Legionella control services to assist you in meeting this standard, along with ASHRAE Standard 188-2015.  We provide consultation, write and maintain hospital water management plans, and work with the team to reduce risks to patient health.
  • Ice machine filtration — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cites contaminated ice machine ice as a potential source of hospital-acquired infections (including Legionellosis) as well as contamination of specimens and medical solutions. Earthwise Environmental has partnered with leading hospital-grade water filter manufacturer Nephros to offer an advanced ice machine filtration system for unsurpassed contaminant removal.
  • 24/7 facility monitoring — An unplanned breakdown of any healthcare water system is not just costly and inconvenient, it can actually cost lives. Comprehensive monitoring is essential to prevent shutdown and to ensure optimal efficiency of your hospital water treatment system. We provide custom 24/7 monitoring solutions to help you reduce operating costs and bring you peace of mind.

    Beginning in January 2022, the Joint Commission will require a water management program with evidence of active management in order for hospitals to maintain accreditation.  The new accreditation standard for Assisted Living Communities will include similar language as well. Our ASSE 12080 Certified Legionella Health and Safety Professionals will write a plan, train your team, and ensure your accreditation is intact.


    Earthwise Environmental’s certified staff has hundreds of hours of training and experience in creating hospital water treatment systems that reduce operating costs and maintain exacting compliance and safety standards for your healthcare facility. We are here for you, too!

    To learn more about custom healthcare water systems and hospital water management solutions for your hospital, nursing home, lab or other medical care facility, call us directly at 855-868-8809, or contact us here today.