Utility / Process Water

Turn Up the Heat on Efficiency, Optimize Operations & Protect Your Equipment

The Challenge

Subpar heat transfer in boiler feedwater, industrial process water, heating and cooling water, and process steam generation applications negatively impacts fuel costs, maintenance expenses and unscheduled downtime. The key to optimal heat transfer is to maintain clean metal surfaces. Corrosion, deposits, scaling and microbiological growth can all affect heat transfer and can lead to costly unscheduled downtime.

How Earthwise Environmental Can Help

Earthwise Environmental helps you increase operational efficiency by maintaining heat transfer efficiency in your process water applications. Our innovative solutions keep metal surfaces clean and protect your equipment while simultaneously reducing water and energy consumption.

Customized filtration solutions and specialized inhibitors are used to maintain cleanliness and control the deposits, pollutants and corrosion that can shorten the life of your equipment. Our advanced chemistry and innovative delivery system keep your systems running optimally, reduce costly downtime, utilize best environmental practices, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Safer Alternatives to Hazardous Chemistry

Our system cleaning and chemical treatment programs protect your boilers, cooling equipment and wastewater process without hazardous chemicals. Earthwise provides chemicals in safer forms — in a Solid format or as a mixed oxidant solution generated on site using just water, salt and current — so you can stop worrying about storage, handling and spills.

Earthwise replaces unsafe liquids with chemicals manufactured into a safe, concentrated Solid form. You get all the benefits of a highly effective chemical treatment program without any of the dangers.

Mixed oxidant solutions (MOS) are chlorine-based chemistries that offer effective water and wastewater disinfection in an environmentally safe way. Earthwise Environmental customizes a formula suitable for your particular conditions. We work closely with you to evaluate your needs and recommend the appropriate on-site generation system for your operation.


  • Optimal system efficiency and reliability
  • Maximum process productivity
  • Lower cost of operation
  • Longer equipment life
  • Reduced water and energy consumption
  • Improved safety and hygiene
  • Environmentally sound operation
Improve Heat Transfer Efficiency