Eliminate Hazardous Liquids

Make a Sea Change — Choose a Safer Water Treatment Solution

The Challenge

Chemicals and chemical delivery methods traditionally used in water treatment are potentially dangerous to employees and detrimental to the environment. Often, hazardous liquid chemicals are delivered and stored on site in large (55- to 150-gallon) containers that can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds. Drums and bulk tanks require ample storage space and operator training in spill procedures, and moving and handling them exposes workers to hazardous chemicals and physical injuries.

How can you effectively treat and disinfect your water without the risks and hassles associated with conventional methods? Earthwise Environmental is happy to offer several liquid waste management options that are effective, ensure safety, help protect the environment and reduce costs.

How Earthwise Environmental Can Help

We offer Solid formulations, safer liquids, non-chemical solutions and on-site generators that reduce or even eliminate risks as part of our liquid waste technology solutions. We can easily automate your existing feed and control processes to minimize operator contact with chemistry. We can also offer effective treatment options that do not contain chlorine, acids, caustic agents or biocides for industrial wastewater management.

Replacement of Liquids with Solids

Drumless solid delivery systems replace potentially harmful chemical handling with a safe, eco-friendly solution. Chemical formulations are made in Solid format, then shipped via UPS, and applied on site via a simple dissolving and dispensing system.

On-Site Chemical Generation

On-site generating systems utilize only salt and current to produce a non-hazardous dilute disinfectant solution on site. This technology eliminates the transportation, storage issues and costs, while minimizing employees’ contact with chemicals. Earthwise technicians program your automated generator to produce and dispense disinfectant in the amount you need, when you need it.

Safer or Non-Chemical Formulations

Earthwise helps you implement a system for on-site generation of mixed oxidants that replaces or greatly reduces the liquid chlorine normally present in disinfectants. Mixed oxidants are a highly effective yet environmentally safe solution to treating water.

We also provide biological solutions for the prevention and treatment of Legionella, amoebae and biofilm in water. The right biological agent is as effective as a chlorinated chemical solution — without the negative impacts on workers’ health and the environment.


  • Improve workplace safety, reducing risk and liability concerns
  • Eliminate handling of dangerous chemicals
  • Eliminate chemical spill potentials through safer dispensing
  • Significantly reduced space requirement compared to mini bulk storage
  • Eliminate drum storage and disposal issues and associated costs
  • Indefinite shelf life under proper storage conditions
  • Easy-to-move small and lightweight product containers
  • Reduced shipping and handling costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint, which helps facilities to “go green”
Make Your Workplace Safer