Earthwise Water Systems™

Custom Water is Not a Pipe Dream - Better Water Through Chemistry

The Challenge

The design of a water treatment program is based on the highest temperature the fluid will experience, always at the surface experiencing the highest heat exchange coefficient. We design water systems that can meet your most difficult heat exchange requirements.

How Earthwise Environmental Can Help

Earthwise Water Systems™ is an innovative approach to managing industrial water systems. For applications with very challenging heat exchange requirements, the best solution lies in custom tailoring, or engineering, water properties for optimum performance.

Engineered water is used in boiler water, cooling water, plastic extrusion and food processing applications. We design the water management program around the critical heat transfer areas. Ion exchange, membrane technology and chemical innovation are used to manipulate the properties of water.

EPF™ 4100

EPF™ 4100 is an example of an engineered water specifically targeted at cooling plastic extruder barrel zones. The barrel zone cooler on a plastic-extrusion machine experiences temperatures in excess of 500°F, at which point water vaporizes and corrosion and scale occur, plugging the critical solenoid valves. As the temperature rises in the barrel, damage to the machine causes the loss of product and production time. Downtime is extremely costly. By providing consistent and reliable zone cooling, EPF™ 4100 prevents these adverse outcomes, protecting workers, capital equipment, the bottom line and the environment.

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  • Improved processing efficiency
  • Increased profitability
  • Decreased water and energy use
  • Increased sustainability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Decreased downtime
  • Promotion of health and safety
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