Industrial Water Solutions

Industrial Water System Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of industrial water management solutions:

  • Industrial water pretreatment systems, including water softening, reverse osmosis and deionization, for optimal water system efficiency and/or pathogen control
  • Utility and process water management services to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Safer water system chemistry, providing effective alternatives to hazardous chemicals to improve safety and maintain compliance with sustainability and corporate responsibility standards
  • Custom-engineered water to meet the most challenging heat exchange requirements
  • Water treatment system monitoring, including 24/7 plant monitoring with real-time notification of events
  • Water testing and analysis using independent labs for results you can trust
  • Customized water system strategies, including mechanical construction and retrofit solutions

Earthwise Environmental: A Trusted Water Purification Solutions Provider Since 1995

For more than 20 years, Earthwise Environmental has been an industry leader in sustainable water treatment solutions for industry, health care facilities and commercial properties.
"Sustainable" isn’t just a buzzword for the environment; it also means creating systems that provide the highest possible long-term ROI for your facility. This requires dedication, expertise and innovation — qualities we have always looked for in our industry partners and employees.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Unparalleled industry expertise. We have three Certified Water Technologists on staff; this is the highest level of certification and achievement in the water management industry.
  • Highly experienced staff. Each of our water system engineers has more than 25 years of practical experience in water system design, installation and maintenance.
  • Innovation and unique technologies. We work closely with industry associations to develop improved alternatives to existing water system solutions.
  • Exceptional customer service. The Earthwise Standard of Care is a 122-point inspection that ensures that all your needs and expectations will be met seamlessly throughout the process of working with us.

To learn more about Earthwise Environmental’s water cleaning solutions, contact us here or call 855-868-8809 to speak with one of our friendly water system experts.


It’s Time for a New Approach to Water Management

Earthwise Environmental offers a new perspective on existing industrial water solutions. We innovatively manage the water-energy nexus to uncover hidden water and energy savings, ensure regulatory compliance and conserve resources. After a complete mechanical and systems evaluation of your plant operations, our attentive, experienced specialists can customize a commercial water treatment solution that improves performance, reduces costs and protects your company assets.

How do we help companies solve problems and save money with sustainable solutions?

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