Chiller Efficiency Solution

The Challenge

Fouling is any undesirable deposit formed inside the condenser that reduces heat transfer efficiencies leading to increased energy consumption. Even well-treated systems experience a gradual buildup of biofilm and debris, resulting in increased energy consumption over time. Conventionally, cleaning condensers involves lost productivity with maintenance shutdowns, costly cleaning with annual tube punching or the use of hazardous chemicals.

How Earthwise Environmental Can Help

Earthwise Environmental offers the Chiller Efficiency Solution (CES), a remarkably simple mechanical cleaning system that replaces conventional cleaning programs with online continuous cleaning.

The Chiller Efficiency Solution

Non-abrasive cleaning pods are flushed through the cooling system via natural water flow, ensuring that unwanted deposits and biofilm are removed before fouling can begin. Installation of the CES is straightforward and guarantees a clean, energy-efficient heat transfer surface. The results are improved heat transfer and reduced energy consumption. The CES is a fully automated, PLC controlled solution that works continuously while the condenser is operational, eliminating the need for costly shutdowns and cleanings.

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  • A qualified Energy Conservation Measure
  • ROI of 2.5 years or less
  • PACE financing qualified
  • Local energy provider rebate qualified
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