Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Untreated industrial wastewater isn't welcome in any municipal water system, much less in any natural environment, and no socially responsible or financially savvy company would allow raw wastewater to leave its premises. Earthwise Environmental is a market leader in industrial wastewater treatment and the go-to wastewater treatment company that can help you cut costs and preserve the environment.

This process removes impurities generated by manufacturing that requires large amounts of water. Food and beverage, plastics, steel, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical industries all require wastewater treatment, just to name a few. Regulations dictate allowable levels of impurities in the discharged wate, and treatment of wastewater helps companies remain in compliance, avoid fines and do their part for the environment.

Our Complete Services

At Earthwise Environmental, our award-winning team will create a wastewater management plan to fit your company's needs. Whether mitigating pollutant levels requires precise chemical formulas, mechanical systems or another means, we'll separate impurities from the wastewater to the extent possible to clean the water before it's pumped from your industrial facility into a municipal system or the environment.

With sewer charges, the large expense of hauling sludge, and potentially heavy fines, managing wastewater can become very costly if treatment is not expertly handled. To that end, using our services can be thought of as an investment rather than an expense.

We also offer a number of other innovative water and wastewater system solutions including engineered water, sustainable water treatment systemsindustrial water system consulting services, and 24/7 plant monitoring and maintenance services.

Benefits of Working with Earthwise Environmental

  •  Our engineers offer 25-plus years of hands-on experience. Their advanced knowledge of boiler and cooling applications enables them to create cost-effective custom designs that provide optimal performance.
  • We implement a 60-point Standard of Care checklist, to verify that all personnel give their best to every client, every time. You will experience unparalleled customer service, from your first consultation to your final inspection.
  • We employ three highly knowledgeable Certified Water Technologists (CWT) who are expertly trained and fully dedicated to providing the best industrial wastewater treatment system for your facility. This is a top-level certification - the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) requires all CWTs to demonstrate and maintain expertise by recertifying every five years. Our CWTs have the experience and knowledge to make your facility more efficient with the most innovative water treatment technology available. They also help you meet all federal, state and local compliance and safety regulations.
  • We are an industry leader in the treatment and management of the Legionella pathogen, to ensure the safety of your customers, employees and the general public, and help you avoid litigation.


Your Full-Service Wastewater Solutions Company

Earthwise Environmental offers everything you need to save water, avoid hazardous chemicals, and protect employees' health. For more information or to speak with one of our qualified water treatment experts about site assessment, water testing, water system design and/or installation, or system maintenance, call us directly at 855-868-8809 - or contact us here.