Heat Transfer Efficiency

Whether for heating, cooling or process water applications, heat transfer efficiency is a critical factor in your water system. Proper heat transfer can be inhibited by a number of factors. We can work with you to identify and correct issues in your water system that interfere with optimal heating and cooling water system heat transfer efficiency, so that you can achieve high energy efficiency and cost savings at your facility.

What is Water System Heat Transfer?

Heat transfer refers to the movement of heat or thermal energy from one object to another. This happens in your water system in three ways:

  1. 1. Conduction — In conduction, heat passes between two materials or objects of differing temperatures at the point of contact. For example, this happens in a heat exchanger due to the direct transfer of heat between water and metal fins or coils.
  2. 2. Convection — In convection, liquid or gas particles within a fluid material carry heat energy through the material, such as occurs within a dry cooling tower.
  3. 3. Evaporation — Heat energy is required for water particles to change state from liquid water to gaseous water vapor. This conversion of heat to energy creates an evaporative cooling effect. This process takes place during wet cooling tower heat transfer.


Why Heat Transfer Efficiency Matters in Your Industrial Water System

Scale buildup in water system pipes, heat exchangers and cooling towers can interfere with proper water heat transfer. This is because scale is comprised of minerals that form an insulation inside the pipe, preventing heat from moving as designed.

To put into perspective how much this can impact your bottom line, a scale deposit measuring just 5/100ths of an inch thick can increase the energy required for heating by 50 percent. If your equipment has significant scale deposits, you probably are spending far more in utility bills than necessary to run your system. And scale is just one factor that can affect heat exchange efficiency in your water system.

Your Heating and Cooling System Efficiency Experts

If you are losing efficiency and profitability due to inefficient heat transfer in your water system, we can help. Earthwise Environmental has been a leader in providing sustainable and energy-saving water system solutions since 1995. Whether through engineered water solutions, water pretreatment, system design or water system equipment cleaning and servicing, we have the expertise and equipment to help you improve your water system performance, cut operating expenses and meet your sustainability goals.

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