On-Site Testing

Industrial water testing is an essential step in making sure the water that flows through your facility meets your water quality standards. Whether we’re validating the performance of your cooling water, process water, potable water or wastewater discharge, our water testing consultants will let you know exactly what’s in your water so you can optimize quality and efficiency.

Water can be tested in the lab or on-site with portable water equipment. On-site testing services yield fast results to help expedite decision-making and keep water quality project timelines on track. Our expert technicians are trained to test consistently and interpret the results accurately, ensuring your systems are well-protected.

On-Site Water Testing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of water analysis and water equipment on-site testing services, including:

  • Mineral testing — Knowing exactly what salts and minerals are present in your process or intake water is necessary for optimizing the water for energy efficiency and product quality and also for proper equipment care. Levels of minerals and heavy metals also must be monitored in wastewater. We provide a full range of water mineral analysis services for any industrial application.
  • Testing of pH level — Water’s pH level affects many aspects of its quality and often will play a significant role in determining appropriate treatment. This type of testing is best done on-site because water samples can absorb carbon dioxide during transport and handling, which can affect pH results.
  • Bacterial analysis — Contamination of water by bacteria and other pathogens, including E. coli and Legionella species, can adversely impact human health, equipment life, system efficiency and the environment. Samples collected for bacterial testing must be meticulously handled to prevent false readings due to sample contamination.
  • Conductivity analysis — Testing the electrical conductivity of water can quickly reveal the presence of dissolved solids that can affect water quality. This test can be useful in determining your water treatment needs.
  • Wastewater testing — Our certified staff uses rigorous wastewater on-site equipment testing methods to ensure that your wastewater meets all applicable water quality standards.

There are many reasons it’s critical to test for good water quality. The quality of your water can directly affect product quality, equipment life span and reliability, energy efficiency, human health and environmental impact.

Your Industrial Water Testing Experts

Since 1995, Earthwise Environmental has earned a reputation for leading the industry in water treatment innovation and energy efficiency. Our highly trained and certified staff has the expertise and experience to not only accurately test your water, but to listen closely to your needs and goals and find the solutions that will help you achieve them as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Regardless of your industry, our on-site water testing services can help you stay compliant with water quality regulations, meet your sustainability and efficiency goals, and reduce equipment breakdown and downtime and achieve longer equipment life. You can also count on us to help you safeguard the health of customers and employees and maintain a competitive edge when it comes to product quality.

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